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Belingoo provides solutions to face these challenges!


1.)Low cost.
2.)Short time of rollout.
3.)Dynamic content fully applicable.
4.)Lean process: separating translation from publication.
5.)No layout problems.

Multilingual Publishing
fast & economical
1.)Fluent reading of foreign texts.
2.)Rapid display of explanations.
3.)Various explanations of all relevant words and word units in the specific context in the reader's native language.
Enhanced Comprehension
fast reading & full understanding
1.)Learning in context -> Learn the contextual meaning of words with texts you are interested in -> easy to memorise, saves time.
2.)100% relevant vocabulary box. No vocabulary spam -> saves time.
3.) Create a valuable and highly usable vocabulary box.
Extended Language Skills
time saving & relevant vocabulary

Belingoo – and the world is yours!

A simple check

1.) How many native languages do the clients in your domestic market and in your export markets speak?

2.) How many native languages do your business partners and the employees in your company speak?

3.) In how many languages does your company provide products, websites, product information, newsletters and other important information?

A big language gap leads to comprehensibility issues
in the target group with serious negative effects

– lower level of success with customers and partners

– inefficient internal communication,
information and knowledge management

Comprehensibility issues and the lack of language skills diminish both, your company's potential as well as its competitiveness.

The EU alone has 24 official languages and even more native languages.

Moreover, there are the languages spoken in the key target markets or the ones used for ethnic marketing, e.g. Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc.

This large variety of business-relevant languages cannot be covered by standard methods alone:

Translations: Expensive and time-consuming. Machine translations of entire texts are often unsatisfactory. Complicated process.

Dictionaries: No translation in the specific context. Time-consuming.
No prompt display -> interrupts reading flow. No multi-platform system.

Belingoo supports your company in succeeding
in many various markets and in exploiting
the full potential of your business!

Are you interested? – Please contact us!

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