Multilingual Business Upgrades & Content Based Language Improvement

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Solutions & Partners

benefits & scenarios of belingoo solutions

company owned and company relevant content

  • forms
  • web-sites
  • newsletter
  • brochures
  • technical-documents
  • employee & customer magazines
  • office word documents (Export PDF)
  • office powerpoint documents (Export PDF)
  • office excel documents (Export PDF)
  • pdf documents
  • printed publications
  • eLearning applications
  • web-applications

easy access to foreign publications
language skills improvement
fast & concise explanations to simplify permanently for each language level
the reading and understandingfocused on personal needs

For the first time, companies are able to

1. inform and reach a broad range of international
customers, partners and employees
- fast & economical -

2. boost the language proficiency of a broad range of employees
- time and cost saving on the job -

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coming soon: additional offers for end users from belingoo & partners:
books & short stories, news magazins, self publishing, top songs & videos etc.


Belingoo Solution Partners and more about Belingoo Solutions: